Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We had book club tonight. Well, I did. Paul dropped out. He wasn't having any fun. He enjoyed the conversations, but he wouldn't read any of the books. :)

Aubrey went skating with a friend and ended up going to their house afterwards and staying for dinner.

Joey hung out with Dad on the computer all day. (I REAALLLY hope this isn't too scarring for him. It sounds so terribly bad for him.)

I ran errands: bank and shopping at two different stores to get the most bags of groceries for my dollars. Also to Bed, Bath and Beyond (yes, I went into a chain store -- it was icky) to get a memory foam mattress pad for Paul. The hard bed we bought him for his sciatica is too hard for him. :) He says it feels like sleeping on the floor.

To bed now. Sleepy after two glasses of wine. The strawberries, organic goat cheese and rice crackers were yummy and the conversation was delightful.

We have six more books picked out for the next six months of book club meetings.

See ya all around!

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